Arm Yourself

In the Metaverse

Mint Price: 0.25 SOL

Weapons Count: 440

This is your opportunity to protect yourself in the Metaverse

Minted On the

Solana    Blockchain

We believe acquiring NFTs should be more inclusive. That is why we chose to mint the MetaBallistics NFTs on the Solana blockchain. This avoids the exorbitant gas fee paywall that many users are unable to overcome on the Ethereum network. 

Why Buy MetaBallistics?

Augmented Reality

Holders can see all 8 weapons in augmented reality

100% Made in House

We didn’t outsource anything and put in over 200 hours of work

20% to Charity

Monthly donations to AWI & K9s for Warriors

Low Gas Fees

Spend your hard earned crypto on the NFT, rather than gas fees



Project Start: January 11th 2022

March 11th, 2022: Metaballistics Gun Club Discord
April 28th, 2022: Launch 440 NFTs (8 Different Firearms x 55 Each)
June 1st, 2022: Experience MetaBallistics in Augmented Reality
July 1st, 2022: 1 of 1 Special Weapon Released
August 2nd, 2022: First Monthly Charity Donation
September, 2022: Launch 45 NFTs of WWII Era Firearms (Whitelist Exclusive)
TBD: Partnership with Metaverse FPS Video Game

We formatted and designed the MetaBallistics NFT 3D models to be used in a future video game. Taking zero design shortcuts so once we have established a partnership we can quickly turn over the appropriate files.

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